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For many years we've searched  for the best way  to PROTECT and keep our HAIR DRY whilst engaging in aquatic activities and water sports. For many BME (Black and Minority Ethnicity) women especially, the cost of swimming is high - It often comes at the expense of healthy hair. For women and girls especially, our hair is our crowning glory - symbolic of our beauty, for which we spend hundreds sometimes thousands of pounds per year on styling and maintenance. What ensues is a complex relationship between a woman, her hair, and the water – an age-long battle which is further aggravated by the lack of effective swim caps designed to suit the needs of the BME community. 

Although swimming is taught in most primarily schools as part of the national curriculum, most children (girls especially) who go on to secondary schools (where swimming is optional) do not pursue this discipline, largely because of the cost to their hair. An article by BBC reporter Seren Jones 06/08/2019 - Team GB's Only Black Swimmer goes a long way to put the spotlight on this longstanding issue.

As a mother of three avid swimmers, I faced the same plight as millions of others in the BME community. Being of Afro-Caribbean origin, I have struggled with the adverse effects of swimming and chlorine damage to my hair which resulted in me giving up swimming for nearly two decades and cutting my hair short. I now have two daughters of my own and over the past five years I have struggled, yet again, with this re-occurring issue. My girls swim at least three times a week and we’ve been through countless swim caps to no avail. Four years ago, I made a promise to my first daughter – I vowed to find a swim solution that would protect her beautiful hair by keeping it dry and protected in the pool. Swimming lessons for us had been a tedious ordeal. Now, they’re a fun family adventure.


Necessity is the mother of all inventions they say; the plight of the BME community inspired this  movement...


  • What if there was a SIMPLE HAIR SOLUTION, one that gives us the confidence to START engaging in recreational aquatic activities - swimming, aqua classes, water sports or simply using the Shower or Spa with confidence OUR GORGEOUS HAIR WILL STAY HEALTHY, PROTECTED and COMPLETELY DRY.

  • What if there was a better solution that would cater to all hair types - VOLUMINOUS, SHORT, LONG, STRAIGHT, CURLY, AFRO, WIGS, WEAVES, EXTENSIONS, BRAIDS or DREADLOCKS?

  • What if this revolutionary solution was EXCLUSIVELY DESIGNED to solve this age long problem with Water and Wet HAIR? Would this greatly IMPROVE OUR QUALITY OF LIFE and REDUCE OUR STRESS LEVELS? Would it REDUCE OBESITY and IMPROVE OUR GENERAL FITNESS - PROMOTING LONGEVITY? Would we certainly SWIM MORE especially competitively?  Most definitely!

After a lot of research, development and testing, we finally found  that the PERFECT SOLUTION for our versatile hair is a SCARF! A Multipurpose Waterproof Scarf exclusively designed to keep hair completely dry, protected and treated in and around water; so that WE Can SWIM, SPA, TREAT and SHOWER with confidence, looking absolutely stylish. 

My NEMES is a real game changer, an inspired out-of-the-ordinarily design. Not a bigger cap, an actual scarf. This solution would definitely encouraging many, giving them the confidence to take up swimming or just to swim more - improving health and general wellbeing  as well as  kick-starting a revolutionary movement in swim hat design solutions. 

The NEMES gives up to 98% complete protection and dryness in the pool  when tied correctly. It can also be used as a shower scarf, spa scarf or for steam hydration treatment.

Our Mission

  • To provide a SIMPLE HAIR SOLUTION, one that gives the BME community the confidence to START ENGAGING in recreational aquatic activities - swimming, aqua classes and water sports which would greatly IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE, health, general fitness and stamina whilst Reducing Stress Levels and Obesity; thereby promoting longevity.​

  • To inspire and encourage youth and adults within the BME community to engage in aquatics and the great opportunities it has to offer, from health and wellbeing to career and volunteering opportunities.

  • To collaborate with swimming teaching, water safety, life saving and drowning prevention partners to raise awareness about water safety and drowning prevention especially within BME schools and community centres in the UK.  

  • To provide a much needed and welcomed alternative  hair solution that would cater to all hair types - Natural, Colour Treated, Voluminous, Short, Long, Straight, Curly, Afro, Wigs, Weaves, Extensions, Braids or Dreadlocks so that we can swim more or simply enjoy a relaxing SPA or Shower with confidence our gorgeous hair will stay Healthy, Protected and Completely Dry whilst keeping our hairstyles in tact.


Our Mission

Our Vision

We believe everyone, should have the opportunity and the right equipment to confidently engage in recreational or competitive aquatic activities. Swimming in particular, is an Essential Life Skill second to none other and water safety awareness and drowning prevention are paramount within any community.


The NEMES is a tool, the answer to an age long dilemma - providing not just a versatile hair solution, but confidence, hope and a world of possibilities for BMEs especially to confidently overcome two great barriers to swimming - aquaphobia (the fear of water and drowning) and the effects of chlorine damage to our hair.   

Our vision is see more Black and Minority Ethnic families in the UK engaging in aquatic activities and enjoying recreational swimming - strengthening family bonds. 

To see more BME representation in British Elite aquatic sports and to see more BME swimming coaches and role models in the pool teaching and inspiring generations to overcome barriers, change stereotypes  and embrace a whole world of opportunities swimming accords.

For many, my NEMES is that product they’ve been searching for; for some it is that product they didn’t even know they needed and yet for others it is A Swim Scarf, A Shower Scarf, A SPA Scarf, A Beach Scarf, A Steam Hydration Treatment Scarf, A Wet Scarf, A Rain Scarf, A Waterpark Scarf, A Waterproof Durag, A Stylish Pleather looking Headscarf, A Beautiful Headband, A Scarf used to lay down edges and frontals, A quick running or workout scarf to keep hair moist and head warm in colder months, A mechanic’s wipeable and engine oil proof scarf when under the hood of a car, A Baptism Scarf, A Water Sports Scarf… the list goes on and on.


Breaking Barriers to Aquatics by Solving the Age Long Dilemma of

Water and Chemical Damage to BME Hair and Hairstyles

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